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Although it is 2023 and most of us feel naked without our cell phones, they do take away from being in the present. I understand getting ready can take some time, but as a photographer/videographer, being on your cell phone makes it difficult to capture true candid moments between everyone. Snapchat filters can be fun and amusing but take a break from it during these hours. Some of the most magical moments happen early on during the wedding day and we want to make the most of it! Everyone will connect more so I encourage the bridal party to put the phones down once they get their ‘must have’ photos for their Instagram story.


This may seem obvious but it does make a difference! TV’s can be distracting, especially when they’re in the framing of a photograph. The big sports game or breaking news will be there the next day, what will not be there tomorrow is your wedding day. Sitting around a TV is not too memorable compared to the preparation of one of the biggest days of your life.


Think about what kind of feeling or vibe matches the rest of your wedding day. If you’re getting ready in a venue’s suite then I’m sure everything will fit great (as long as there is some good lighting and space to move around). If you plan on getting ready at one’s house, try looking into renting an Airbnb. This not only is a clean slate, but generally is less to worry about compared to running around trying to clean and get it tidy from everyday living. The nicer space, the nicer your imagery will turn out! Check it out, chances are there are probably some really nice locations/properties near you.


This can be a big one. Lighting can make or break an image. This can be the difference between a good photo and a great photo. If you’re looking for something more moody, then you may not need a lot of natural light. If you’re looking for nice and bright images, you’ll want an area that offers a lot of natural light. A lot of people don’t consider thinking this way, but it all starts with the planning to create a great atmosphere for your wedding day.


Prep photos are very much a part of your wedding day just like the ceremony set up. This portion of the day can end up being in your wedding album or a part of a highlight video so it’s important to consider. I know it can be difficult to keep a room tidy while there are people getting ready. There will be makeup spread across the table, empty plates from lunch and many more things. In order to help, I recommend designating someone in the bridal party to keep their eye on the tidiness of the room and step in if things start to get messy and unorganized. This really helps save time and lets the photographers & videographers focus on what’s more important, your story.


Time slotting your wedding day is crucial. Planning as detailed as possible really helps the organization and flow of your day. When your bridal party knows exactly where to go, when to arrive and when they’re expected to be fully dressed goes a long way. It makes it challenging and adds unnecessary stress when members of the party are missing while we’re supposed to be getting group bridal party shots. Having things time slotted appropriately makes everything go smoother and at ease.

Bonus Tip: If you want group prep shots, think about what the bridal party is going to be wearing while getting ready. Unified outfits always look nice! It’s always a good opportunity to show off another nice outfit!

Follow these tips on how to get better prep photos for your wedding and your album is sure to be full of amazing memories from prep all the way through the last dance.

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