10 Ways to Entertain Guests at Your Wedding

Live Music

Live tunes really move the energy around the party positively. Whether it is a captivating acoustic duo, a high energy five-piece band, or a saxophone player walking around the venue serenading everyone in their sight. No matter what the vibe is, live music is always a great idea and brings the room to life.

360 video

Instead or on top of having a guest book, you can have a 360 photo or video booth! These booths can make videos and you’ll be able to view them almost instantly. It’s a perfect way to get people out of their chairs at the reception and interact with the rest of the party. These are still pretty new to the scene and give guests a whole new experience they’ve never been a part of before.

Live Animals

If you’re having an outdoor or barn wedding, why not bring a smile to your guests face with the greeting of some new friends? I guarantee if there is an alpaca that crashes your party everyone will be talking about it and want to go get a photo with it. Any guests with children, they are going to love this and will talk about it for ages.

Mascot / Surprise Guest

If you’re an alumni to a big sports team or grew up with a sport-watching family, this could match up perfectly. A surprise appearance from your favorite team mascot will get the crowd rolling, especially if they appear towards the later half of the reception while everyone’s already dancing and feeling good! 

Live Illustration

There are super talented artists that can come to your wedding and paint or draw a ‘live’ scene or people. Whether it is your ceremony set up, reception hall, or caricature, these artists can bring them to life on paper! It is amazing the art these guests or yourselves (couple) can bring home following the wedding day.

Lawn Games

Remember the parties growing up and playing games outside? Whether it is cornhole, or a giant Jenga or croquet, it will get guests involved and everyone can have fun. Mixed with a little bit of alcohol, the competition can be outstanding.

Live Cigar Roller/ Cigar Bar

For those who have a love for quality or fresh stogie, this is your answer. Not only will you have the freshest ingredients possible, but you can watch them being made or rolled rather! Even for non-smokers, this is truly entertaining with the process.

Disposable Cameras / Fuji Instax / Polaroids

This is a really fun one. On top of having professional photographs, give your guests the freedom to photograph what they want! Not only does this help document the night but it also brings people together. There is something different when looking at photographs physically, it feels more “real”. The ability to hold a photograph speaks a thousand words compared to looking at them digitally.  Hence why wedding albums are so important!

Lantern/Balloon Send off

This is one of the coolest things to do during a sunset or dusk. To gather anywhere between 10-100 people to send off lanterns into the sky is something people rarely see in a lifetime. It’s one of those things that gets guests involved with one another. Not to mention it brings happiness to the present, especially when everyone is helping each other out. It’s a remarkable view seeing those lanterns drift away into the sky.


I don’t believe you ever outgrow or get too old to enjoy magic. It’s a skill that is truly mind blowing and always gets a fun reaction. Your guests will definitely be left questioning and conversing about how to figure out the secrets behind the tricks!

There you have it, some entertainment ideas to avoid some ‘boring’ at your wedding. Check them out and have some fun with it. Make your wedding your own and do something you would enjoy.

It’s all about making memories and having stories to tell (not because drunk Uncle Bob drank too much and did the moon walk – although that would be badass)

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