Benefits of Having a Second Photographer

There are so many reasons why having a second photographer and videographer is the way to go. One of the main reasons is that you’ll get more! With another creative having a chance to document all that is happening, you’ll receive a wider variety of images and get better coverage of the day.

Having a second photographer and videographer allows more creative freedom. When there is another creative person capturing the ‘safe’ shots this enables me to move around freely and aspire to get different angles I wouldn’t be able to without. Not only do we have more coverage of the day but from multiple angles. It’s a cool feeling being two places at once:D

Along with multiple angles and better coverage overall, this really helps with larger bridal parties. It is much easier when there is assistance wrangling up the party for a group photo or even individual portraits. While the second photographer/videographer is busy doing group shots, this saves time to concentrate more on the bride and groom. 

Sometimes if there is a tight schedule or running behind a bit, it doesn’t leave much room for error. Having a second photographer/videographer can be the hero of the day. Compare it to a back up plan you didn’t realize was there. Often we’ll be taking family and bridal party photos between ceremony and reception so there’s not always a chance to get detailed shots of the reception venue vacant, this is where a second can truly help capture the essence of that before guests arrive.

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