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It really is a dream come true, traveling the world and doing what I love. When I first entered the space of photography and video, I never imagined it would come this far. I can proudly say that I’m pretty successful at it. Success to me is not defined by what’s in the bank account or how expensive my gear is, it is quality of life.

The freedom this lifestyle gives really inspires me to do even more and give back. Having the flexibility to pick up and go around the world to document a chapter in people’s lives makes all the early morning and late night work all worthwhile.

Since I started shooting weddings, I have had so many awesome opportunities. Documenting weddings has taken me around the map and I am still eager to see more. I have shot beautiful weddings in Canyons of Red Rock, Punta Cana, and all around Ohio. I have also been a part of urban shots in California, Chicago, North Carolina, Cabo, Mexico and the list goes on.

Although the location of some celebrations can be of high quality, your love story is not based on that. I’ve shot meaningful weddings in backyards! If there is love, it will always be beautiful regardless.

Many people ask me questions regarding destination weddings. “Why would someone hire you and fly you out? Why wouldn’t they just hire someone local?” Well, with the world feeling smaller and smaller with the internet these days, people can connect and attain things from a far. Some people don’t want “cookie cutter” vendors that are generally a part of a destination venues package. It can also be hard to find a local who you like and can be personable with. At times it can just be easier to bring someone along from home who can bring a fresh set of eyes to a new place.

“How did they find you?” There are many ways, social media, online blogs, publications, and the best one, word of mouth. Once people know you’re willing and capable of traveling they tend to be more open minded to bring you along for the ride.

Another question would be, “Doesn’t it cost a small fortune to travel?” Traveling these days has come a long way for simplicity. With airlines having sales and travel points, to apps like Uber and Airbnb it is easier than ever before.

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